The Moth

The Moth

What is my story?
Subjects: English Language Arts
Grade Level: High School
Timeframe: 11-13 hours | 2-3 weeks

Project Description

Students explore the art of storytelling by investigating author’s craft, write their own compelling personal narrative, and perform their true story live.

Project Context

This project provides students with an authentic experience of personal narrative writing and performance. Through their work, students make the connection between their stories, the stories of “regular” people, and the making of great literature. Performing their stories helps students see that storytelling brings people together, builds community, and creates relationships.

Final Product

Students perform a Moth-style 5-7 minute true story, live, without notes.

Key Standards


  • W.11-12.3 (A, B, C, E) : Writing narratives
  • L.11-12.3: Using knowledge of language in writing and speaking
  • SL.11-12.1 (A, B, C, D): Engage in discussions
  • SL.11-12.4: Present information effectively

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