Journey to the Red Planet

Journey to the Red Planet

How can humans safely explore Mars?
Subjects: Interdisciplinary, Science
Grade Level: Elementary
Timeframe: 13-15 hours | 2-3 weeks

Project Description

This interdisciplinary project is designed to connect students with the history of space travel and the science of Mars exploration. Students will understand the characteristics of Mars, the challenges of space travel, and the exploration of the planet. The final product will be design suggestions for an invention that could bring humans a step closer to life on Mars.

Project Context

Students will explore the history of the US space program. The focus is on the reasons and logistics for space exploration and what particular challenges exist with travel to Mars. Scientific topics include the scale and proportion of the universe, and the design of engineering solutions that will diminish space travel limitations. Students have the opportunity to create and present their work.

Final Product

Students present a unique engineering design to an audience for the invention of a space travel solution making it possible for humans to survive Mars exploration.

Key Standards


  • ETS1.A Defining and Delimiting an Engineering Problem
  • ETS1.B Developing Possible Solutions
  • LS1.A Structure and Function


  • ELA-LITERACY.W.5.2 Text Types and Purposes
  • ELA-LITERACY.SL.5.4 Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
  • RI.5.9 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

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