A Civilized World

A Civilized World

Where is the line between “primitive society” and “civilization”?
Subjects: Social Studies
Grade Level: High School
Timeframe: 20-25 hours

Final Product

Students will create and share an interactive multimedia exhibit that explores the concept of civilization.

Project Description

In this project, students dig into concepts of “primitive,” “civilized,” and “civilization”. While these can often feel abstract and technical to students, through the design of a multimedia exhibit, students unpack the practice of dividing societies into “civilized” and “primitive”. They’ll consider what those labels tell us about the values and biases that inform how cultures view one another—and give us greater insight into our own values and biases. Their culminating exhibitions will offer a compelling picture of ancient societies while critiquing the labels placed upon them.

Key Standards

C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards

C3.D2.His.1.9-12 Evaluate historical context
C3.D2.His.5.9-12 Analyze how perspective is shaped by historical context
C3.D2.His.7.9-12 Explain how perspective in present shapes interpretation of the past


ELA-LIT.RH.9-10.6 Point of View
ELA-LIT.RH.9-10.9 Compare and Contrast
ELA-LIT.WHST.9-10.8 Research & Sourcing
ELA-LIT.WHST.9-10.6 Use Technology

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